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Les Mills has an app for those that want to work out at home. Les Mills is a well known group for their world class, calorie burning exercises. They started in New Zealand and are going strong. Today many gyms have their workouts.

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There is a free trial for those that are new and the app is appropriate for these times during the Coronavirus where the gyms have closed

This app was easy to install on my phone and they have it for Android . You can also do the workouts from your desktop. The app cost me $25 for the month but I get the workouts that I want. Some of the workouts require equipment and others don’t. RPM requires a bike.

The workouts are easy to understand and as someone studying RPM the app is great for practising with. They also have some sample weekly workout plans for those that want to lose weight. The workouts were easy to get on my phone

There is a Facebook group in which you can join for support along the way. I have seen many posts about those doing it for the weight loss.

I did my first Body Combat and was so uncoordinated. That happened in my first Les Mills RPM class at the gym. But I know that I will get it eventually with lots of practice just like RPM. I didn’t get the leg movements but I got the boxing. I will get there eventually, just keep on practicing.

The app saves your workout so you can come back to it later.

Do try the Les Mills On Demand as you’ll be happy with the amount of workouts on there and you don’t have to step foot into a gym. Of course when it opens you’ll want to go in just for the social side.

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