Chicken curry with Masfoods

I got this packet of Vegetarian curry for free at one of the Asian festivals in Crown last year and it had been sitting in my pantry for quite some time. During this coronavirus lockdown we decided to use it. The curry is non spicy and has a bit of msg and oil in there.Continue reading “Chicken curry with Masfoods”


Our 100 days of less sugar part 6

During these times at home I was watching the Food revolution Summit where they said that eating a lot of sugar is very addictive. Hence this is why I hate watching the cake shows. Food addiction is harder to get rid of. People are feeling stressed at home so they use food as a stressContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar part 6”

Our month in isolation

During the Coronavirus pandemic we spent about a month in isolation at home. Here things did get a bit boring and we did go out on our jogs and walks but other than that no. We’re in Australia so the lockdown rules may be a little bit different from the US and the UK WhenContinue reading “Our month in isolation”

Emotional eating and how to combat this

When Women Inspire had a great post on this so I thought that I would write about it too since everyone is locked inside of their houses due to the virus. At Christmas many people overeat due to stress and boredom. But during the Covid times this has been happening a lot due to theContinue reading “Emotional eating and how to combat this”


Daiso is a Japanese department store and they are all over Melbourne. Almost everything here is $2.80. Well almost everything. Their range changes from month to month but the categories of things they sell is the same. You can buy your kitchenware and your grocery needs. Here they have a range of assorted items fromContinue reading “Daiso”

Homemade Shepherd’s Pie

Now that we are in the Covid19 period and people have either lost their jobs or are working from home we talk about a simple Shepherd’s Pie that you can make on a rainy day. We used up the leftover potato mash to make the top. This is really good as a winter comfort food.Continue reading “Homemade Shepherd’s Pie”


It’s everywhere. Its in Australia. Many internationals feel discriminated against. It is wrong to be discriminated against and you should speak up about this racist behavior. Many International students are beaten, attacked, called names. Now during the Coronavirus this is more of a problem. Asian students are scared to go out due to the nameContinue reading “Racism”

Calls have increased for Lifeline and other mental health services

Calls have increased for Lifeline and Kids Help line during times of the Coronavirus. It was reported that Lifeline received 90,000 calls in the past month with 3197 calls on Good Friday. Kids Help Line has had a 40% increase in calls alone. Most of the callers are young people Young people are not usedContinue reading “Calls have increased for Lifeline and other mental health services”

What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health

Many of the things you can buy online and then they can go to it later in the year when it reopens. It’s a small win for the business and one for you. Buying that thing will mean that the business may be able to keep its doors open during or after the current crisisContinue reading “What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health”

World Laughter Day

World Laughter day is on the 5th of May and this year it is incredibly important because we have seen a lot of depression and anxiety during these Coronavirus times. It is important to stress less. What makes you laugh today? Is it a joke that someone says? Or is it someone’s action? Laughter isContinue reading “World Laughter Day”

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