Chicken curry with Masfoods

I got this packet of Vegetarian curry for free at one of the Asian festivals in Crown last year and it had been sitting in my pantry for quite some time. During this coronavirus lockdown we decided to use it. The curry is non spicy and has a bit of msg and oil in there. Malaysians are known for their oily curries and food.

Masfoods is a Malaysian brand that does curry pastes and sauces. Here we tried the curry with noodles and rice (we made two-three meals out of the curry). The one with the noodles tasted so much better as the curry had been sitting for one day after we made it.

Chicken curry is a good Winter’s dish and seeing as we are coming into Winter do give chicken curry a try with Masfoods. You can find the Masfoods pastes and sauces at your local Asian grocery store.

Our 100 days of less sugar part 6

During these times at home I was watching the Food revolution Summit where they said that eating a lot of sugar is very addictive. Hence this is why I hate watching the cake shows. Food addiction is harder to get rid of. People are feeling stressed at home so they use food as a stress buster. And some people have a huge food craving.

Day 50

Today I indulged in a couple of chocolates and some shortbread. Was feeling a little bit down due to the Covid19. But I did have a turkey terrine sandwich with cucumber and tomato. Working at home is different and its nothing like I’ve ever done.

Day 51

I indulged again. Yes. In one chocolate egg. But I have been running and have been eating good. Have been eating homemade chicken schnitzel for dinner and a cheese sandwich with eggplant and tomatoes for lunch.

Day 52

Today had a salad for lunch and three shortbread cookies. But am still under my target

Day 53

I tried this interesting aloe vera drink on my run and it was a bit on the sweetish side. Other than that I had no sugar

Day 54

Today instead of the sugary sweets I had a falafel wrap in the cafe. It was takeaway of course.

Day 55

Today I had a key lime pie that was sugarless and I enjoyed a sugarless cookie. I find that when I go sugarless I have a bit more energy to do the things that I love.

Day 56

Today I had a sugarless protein bar which is shaped like chocolate. Oh and I had some scones without the jam or cream which is homemade

Day 57

Today I saw one of my flatmates buy ice cream. This flatmate also buys raisin toast. For that I never wanted the ice cream. It is too cold for it (mind you we are one month away from Winter). Tried the scones with Dragonfruit jam

Day 58

Got into an argument with a flatmate and wanted sugar, but didn’t have. My flatmate keeps on eating all the ice cream which would see him fat. In the house we don’t keep a lot of snacky food and even if we did I’d have the healthy things.

Day 59

Today went for a small jog and enjoyed that without food at the end. Somehow I have always wanted food at the end, but today I had no cravings for food. Had a homemade minestrone soup for lunch and that was nice.

Our month in isolation

During the Coronavirus pandemic we spent about a month in isolation at home. Here things did get a bit boring and we did go out on our jogs and walks but other than that no. We’re in Australia so the lockdown rules may be a little bit different from the US and the UK

When we heard that people flocked to the beaches when they were supposed to be home, we were angry.

At first I was really bored of being at home, but then I slowly got used to the idea. I was not happy about visiting the city everyday though at first. But then I discovered a running trail that leads me into the city and because I live close to the city, I sometimes run there. The Maribyrnong river was always busy on weekends as everyone wanted to get out of the house, so it was hard to keep the social distancing of 1.5m.

I really enjoyed my runs as they were mental distraction. During that time I enjoyed taking a break from my gym as I probably was doing a bit too much. I took up weeding as a hobby and enjoyed helping my flatmates around the house. I also felt closer to my flatmates.

During that time I caught up on all the payments that I had to make and went from being in debt to out of debt. I feel sorry for the businesses that had to close due to this pandemic. Many businesses also lost income and we tried to support those that are around.

The Work at Home thing was a bit hard to master as people kept distracting me all the time, asking me to do stuff when I’m clearly working. Clearly this wasn’t working for me and I can’t wait for the lockdowns to end.

During the month of isolation, I learned a bit of Body Combat and Attack. I was a bit uncoordinated at first but slowly I liked the idea.

I miss everyone and the happy times that I had with those at my gym but when my gym reopens, I’ll be sure to go back and say hi and socialise. I miss all the pubs and restaurants but the one win that I got out of them was the no drinking thing. Everyone else in their houses may have drank to depression and anxiety.

I have Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram and I kept up with people via these mediums. But its just not the same as seeing people. Lets hope that this month will be better and we can all go out and see people again.

Emotional eating and how to combat this

When Women Inspire had a great post on this so I thought that I would write about it too since everyone is locked inside of their houses due to the virus. At Christmas many people overeat due to stress and boredom. But during the Covid times this has been happening a lot due to the stress and anxiety that happens.

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling that we deal with everyday. Your cortisol levels go up and when they go up a lot each day you gain weight. But you don’t have to accept it as everyday life.

Is overeating ok?

No its not. We tend to reach for the high calorie foods and then we go for even more. These unhealthy foods increase our anxiety and stress levels even more. We should be able to say no to food in social situations such as a movie.

If you have that problem of overeating in social situations organise some other events that don’t involve food such as marathon running or going to the beach.

How to deal with stress that is not eating?

  • Exercise- do 150 mins of vigorous activity a week and 2 strength sessions.
  • Sleep well- we mean that you should sleep 7-8 hours a night. That is deep sleep
  • Hydrate- by that we mean drink 3-4L of water each day. Broken into glasses that would be 12-16 glasses.
  • Self care
  • Do something that is not food such as working on a project.

What foods are good for dealing with stress eating?

  • Fish and omega 3 fatty oils
  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Yoghurt
  • Vegetables
  • Chia seeds
  • Nuts
  • Whole grain foods such as whole grain granola bars and whole grain crackers

Don’t eat too much of those processed foods. Instead eat real foods. Don’t watch those dessert cooking shows if you have a sugar addiction that you want to get rid of. Tell your family if you are quitting sugar so that they won’t expose you as much.

Don’t bake people pies if they want it. You need to respect their wishes and we should be able to say no thank you to food.


Daiso is a Japanese department store and they are all over Melbourne. Almost everything here is $2.80. Well almost everything.

Their range changes from month to month but the categories of things they sell is the same.

You can buy your kitchenware and your grocery needs. Here they have a range of assorted items from Japan. I tried a milk tea and it was a little too earl grey for me. This tea reminds me of earl grey and Teh tarik. I have also tried their range of Japanese snacks and it was all good.

I have also bought their cute notebooks and kitchenware from here. No problems. One time I have bought a drink bottle and it lasted a while. I also buy headphones and a usb charger whilst there.

I think that during the Coronavirus times they will stay open purely because people need their homewares and foods as well as things for DIY.

Homemade Shepherd’s Pie

Now that we are in the Covid19 period and people have either lost their jobs or are working from home we talk about a simple Shepherd’s Pie that you can make on a rainy day. We used up the leftover potato mash to make the top. This is really good as a winter comfort food.

We love this pot pie and you can use up the leftover mince in another dish. It does take a few hours to make

You can easily make this with salad or roasted vegetables such as beans and potatoes as a side dish. This is good for a family dinner


It’s everywhere. Its in Australia. Many internationals feel discriminated against. It is wrong to be discriminated against and you should speak up about this racist behavior. Many International students are beaten, attacked, called names.

Now during the Coronavirus this is more of a problem. Asian students are scared to go out due to the name calling. A few Wednesdays ago it was reported that two International students in Melbourne Central were beaten up and told to go home.

What is racism?

Racism is defined as acts of abuse and harassment. It can take many forms including name calling, jokes, exclusion from activities etc. It is usually experienced by migrants who have just arrived into a new country. People can be racist towards migrants due to their skin colour and cultures.

So what is the Government doing about it?

Last year they released a video targeting racism as an anti social behaviour. Still people don’t take much notice.

What is our stance?

Racism is not tolerated in Melbourne and people should be open and friendly towards each other no matter where they come from. People who are racist shoudl face tough penalties.

Calls have increased for Lifeline and other mental health services

Calls have increased for Lifeline and Kids Help line during times of the Coronavirus. It was reported that Lifeline received 90,000 calls in the past month with 3197 calls on Good Friday. Kids Help Line has had a 40% increase in calls alone.

Photo by Kat Jayne on

Most of the callers are young people

Young people are not used to being alone and the full time paid hours fell from 64% to just 56%. We’re used to doing the normal things like going out. But now we have to stay at home and see the same people that we live with day in and day out. And for young people like myself that would make me go bonkers. I have fights with my flatmates sometimes. It is ok to feel alone and depress, but remember we are all in this together

Also young people worry about not having a job by the end of this and money to support themselves. So they feel depressed.

So what can we do in the meantime to support our mental health?

We should:

  • Exercise- aim for 150 mins a week of vigorous training and two strength sessions during the week
  • Sleep well- we should sleep between 7-8 hours a night
  • Talk to somebody on the outside via Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp etc every once in awhile. And if you have not got Instagram now is the time to do so. On Instagram there’s lots of posts on staying home.

We cannot wait until the gyms reopen again with personal training. I know that doing mental health work is not within their scope of practice but they are trying to keep it together in these difficult times.

Please note that quarantine won’t be forever. We’ll be all out soon I promise. Just hang in there.

What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health

Many of the things you can buy online and then they can go to it later in the year when it reopens. It’s a small win for the business and one for you. Buying that thing will mean that the business may be able to keep its doors open during or after the current crisis

Photo by Josh Willink on

A yoga studio pass

A yoga studio pass would mean that she would be able to attend a yoga class at a retreat or a place later on in the year when studios reopen

A cycle studio class pass

Does your mum enjoy cycling? If so a pass to her favourite studio and instructor is a great idea. It keeps them going and motivated to put that class on later in the year

A ticket to her favourite event happening later in the year

Does your mum like going to certain events? Does your mum like fun runs? If so a ticket might just be the thing that keeps her event going or they might put it on next year (depending on restrictions).

Fun runs are a great way to bond together. After you finish your run you can go have brunch in a nearby cafe. Another win for you and another for them.

A gym membership pass so that she can train with you and you can support your favourite gym

That is awesome as that would keep your favourite gym in business after the virus is over. Getting fit is essential for older people

A spa pass

Does your mum need relaxation? Does she work in a stressful job? If so a spa pass is a great idea and if they are reopened before Christmas then she can use it and get a day out of it

A wellness retreat pass

They might not be opened until next year but who knows.

World Laughter Day

World Laughter day is on the 5th of May and this year it is incredibly important because we have seen a lot of depression and anxiety during these Coronavirus times. It is important to stress less.

What makes you laugh today? Is it a joke that someone says? Or is it someone’s action? Laughter is contagious! Laughter burns about 10-40 calories per laugh and it lightens our mood. And you’ll forget that the Coronavirus even exists

What are some funny films that you could see during this pandemic?

Liar Liar

It is the film that made Jim Carrey famous

The Mask


About a Boy

There’s many others that you could see on Netflix. Even better why not have a watch party?