Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign

Fitness Australia is a not for profit organisation who advocates for gyms, personal trainers among other staff that work in the gym. They have about 20000 members. During Stage One of the lockdown the health and fitness industry was hit the hardest.

During the Covid19 times it is important to move when you can. Fitness Australia has put together this campaign to help us to get through these tough times. Now the gyms are closed and everyone is home. Everyone is losing money here.

It is about leading the conversation during this difficult time about movement and enjoying life. Its really simple. All you do is find an activity that you enjoy whether it is outdoors or indoors. But make sure you follow the Government’s rules at this time.

For me I love outdoors and had liked it before the Covid. I love going out on a sunny day and moving. It is so important for the mind and the body. But I also love the gym. I love the gym for the social aspect and to exercise with others. At this time its important to catch up with others whilst maintaining social distancing. The gyms have quite a few measures in place to combat Covid19 and there is a course online for personal trainers to take on Covid19.

Do donate to Fitness Australia’s campaign as they want to keep it strong post Covid19. The more you support their campaign the more we can get back to business. Hopefully Fitness Australia will be successful in getting the gyms back and running again.

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