Our 100 days of less sugar part 3

In this part we spent most of our time at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And when we did we kept up with the less sugar program.

If you are cooped up at home this program would be really good to take. You start from Part 1 and you work your way. The Baking Nutritionist has been doing it for a while now.

Day 20- 17/3/2020

Today I had a Quest protein bar which tastes like chocolate but they don’t put sugar in there. Taking a break from the Coronavirus and just enjoying things

Day 21-18/3/2020

Today I have been taking it easy on the sugar except for the Pepsi Max which was free. But I did not drink all of it. I did however have one Chinese meal and it was really good. The place was deserted as was most of the city

Day 22-19/3/2020

Was going to have that ice cream but didn’t. In the end though we did not have any in the freezer. But had healthy foods at home which made all the difference.

Day 23- 20/3/2020

Was at home today so I didn’t have a lot of sweets.

Day 24- 21/3/2020

I did have one sweet coconut cake from Breadtop but it was ok. The rest of the time I just enjoyed fruit

Day 25- 22/3/2020

I had one mini sized Snickers bar and that was all the sweets that I had. I did not like the sweet Cascade mineral water as it was way too much for me.

Day 2623/3/2020

Today I had no sugar but I really wanted the frozen froyo which had a lot of sugar in there. Instead I had the kids fish and chips pack, knowing that the adult size would be too big for me to handle.

Day 27- 24/3/2020

Today I had the Shelby’s green matcha almonds and it was awesome. That and a small square of chocolate to get through my day after finding that there are over 2000 coronavirus cases in Australia. People are not taking this Corona thing seriously.

Day 28

Today I felt like a museli slice and something sweet so I went for that. I had a banana which was sweet. I was at home due to the Coronavirus.

Day 29

Today I felt like an ice cream so I went for one of those protein ones as they are healthier and they have less sugar than normal ones. Stayed clear of the biscuits that my housemate bought.

People are still not taking this Coronavirus thing seriously.

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