How to manage a bad mental health week

We all have these weeks where you don’t want to get up and go to the gym or you dread walking to uni. I got the idea from Moll Eats and Lifts. During the Covid19 we are stuck indoors most of the time.

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My non negotiables


I work with people that suffer from mental health and homelessness. I work with those that are on low incomes. I am constantly surrounded by them 3-4 days a week. I also walk by them and wish that I could give them a big hug and some food. I also have to attend seminars and sit in it for hours on end.

Luckily I work for myself so I can schedule some downtime and exercise when I need. I can’t always talk to someone about problems that I’m having people as confidentiality is a must in our industry.


Rest is important and we need that to function. For me it would be 7-9 hours sleep per night followed by some downtime each day.



Missing one session is ok. Miss a few and then you don’t know where you are. If you are a gym instructor its best to not skip any sessions because you don’t get paid and its hard to find someone to cover for you.

I also run outside. During the Covid19 I have been doing that lots since my gym closed down. Its ok to struggle sometimes during your sessions.

I walk everyday to the tram stop but I bus home. I live within all modes of transport and all of them get me to work.

Social Media

I try my best not to be on it all the time. But in times like Covid19 it is hard to not see your friends. But most of my friends post positive things online

Social time

I’m very fortunate to not have a lot of social time, but even if I do its at the gym with all my friends in there. We support each other through the hard and tough times. I do have a few friends outside my gym but we are all so busy that it is hard to catch up.

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