Ella in Melbourne Central

During the Covid19 pandemic its important to support these places. They are either closed or doing just takeaway now

Ella in Melbourne central is an awesome place to hang if you want to chill. I have enjoyed the pretzel and some of the food that is on offer there. Its an awesome place to hang if you want to just enjoy the night out.

Melbourne Central is in the city and all the train lines from the suburbs serve it. Also all the trams from the suburbs and Melbourne Uni go there. Ella is just above the station on the Elizabeth street side.

They have live music every Friday night and they have a bottleshop called “Blackhearts and Sparrows” which is cool and it has a lot of wine and beer in there

The retailers at Ella in Melbourne Central often use paper or plastic packaging for when their customers want to dine in. With the exception of the sushi club and Ajisen Ramen which have eat in dishes. Byrdi is a sit restaurant but its more of a bar and Reverie is a coffee place. Son in Law used these takeaway bowls and they would have wasted all that plastic. Emporium has their own eat in bowls and dishes which customers can return to the eateries or put it where they drop off the trays.

Byrdi is a Australian bar but they do awesome brunch. Here I enjoyed their eggs on toast. They use all natural Australian ingredients.

I tried Pretzel and love their awesome pretzels. They were enough to fill me up.

Do come by Ella when you can

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