Woolworths Homebrand coffee vs the generic ones

We got this Woolworths coffee for $4 at Woolies as we wanted to compare the taste, flavour and everything with this brand of coffee with the generic ones we normally get. The generic ones that we normally get are Moccona and Robert Timms. Both of them are around the $10 mark for 100g jar. Robert Timms is very average for the price that we pay.

The Woolies one tasted like the normal coffee. Albeit the price. I love it as a long black as it calorie free and fat free. I don’t take sugar with my coffee at all.

They are a sustainable brand which means that you are supporting the coffee bean growers. It is an Australian brand which means that the beans would not have travelled far to get to us. The beans at Moccona and Robert Timms are imported which is why they are more expensive.

Do buy your instant coffee from Woolworths homebrand as they are cheaper and much better for you.

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