Our March events

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we couldn’t do four events- we only did three.

So here is what went on during March and before the shutdown of essential services

Vamff at Myer

Vamff at Myer was a wonderful time for shoppers. There was Champagne and whiskey, but no catwalk show. It was free and there was many offers on the night which shoppers took advantage of. We tried the champagne and it was nice and sweet and it worked well with the arancini. The whiskey was also nice but a bit of coke could have been added in there to give it that sweet touch.

Stout Shout

Stout Shout is an event where you get a free pint of Guinness for St Patrick’s day. St Patrick’s day is an Irish day full of fun and Guinness. A Guinness is an Irish beer which is dark and stormy in flavour. Here I got mine at Bridie o Reilly’s and I really enjoyed my beer.

It was my first time doing Stout Shout and you had to sign up for the free beer online.

The launch of Fortress

Fortress is a gaming place in Emporium and they just launched. They have a Irish tavern, two bars and two levels of gaming. At their launch party they offered free games all day and no free alcohol or food. At a launch I would expect free food and alcohol at that place. But the Superdry clothing shop offered alcohol and the Glue store offered free popcorn and soft drinks to assist with their launch.

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