Why businesses and households should give away toilet paper and other toiletries

Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

These days due to the Coronavirus there have been more and more people left without toilet paper and other basic essentials. More and more people are losing jobs due to the recession. More and more business are struggling.

During last week there was a bit of toilet paper craziness which meant that low income earners were left without. But then Woolworths and Coles introduced a new shopping hour for the elderly and disabled. But still many people are left without toilet rolls and other essentials.

So how can businesses and people donate toilet paper and other toiletries?

They can

  • Hold a donation drive with their local charity
  • Donate to the free little pantries such as Ascot Vale little pantry
  • If they are a big corporation maybe they might be able to donate to OzHarvest or Foodbank or another charity.
  • If it is a business they could let people that are on low income take their toilet rolls (but maybe limit to two per person)

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