Our 100 days of less sugar part 2

Here is our 100 days of sugar Part 2. We did eat a little bit of sugar but not much.

Day 11

Today was International Women’s day and here it was impossible not to have that treat. So I picked a custard bombolini and my Musashi rocky road bar as my chocolate. Women’s day is associated with cake, chocolate and wine.

Day 12

Went to the country for the day. Today I had homemade cake as well as a lovely coucous salad with chicken. I also ate the Twirl bar as I was hungry

Day 13

Today I had no sugar yay! Today I had a active water Gatorade instead of orange juice. Felt like orange juice but when I saw the Gatorade I said yes to that instead. The Gatorade without the added sugar hydrated me.

Had vegetarian noodles for lunch which was awesome and it had no sauce in it. I could have asked for sweet chilli but didn’t and I had no drinks. Usually all the Asian drinks are too sweet.

Day 14

Today I had a Lenny and Larrys cookie which had less sugar as a normal cookie and a plate of pancakes with lemon syrup and fruit. I am slowly getting used to having less sugar and more fruits.

Day 15

Today I tried a vegan donut thinking that they would not have a lot of sugar in there. But I was wrong. The rest of the day however I did not have any sweets but fruit.

Day 16

Today I had two soups. One for dinner and the other for lunch and I stuck to my no sugar thing as per usual. Oh and I upped the vegetables

Day 17

Today I had an egg tart for dessert and two ritz vanilla sandwiches. The egg tart was only small.

Day 18

Today I had vegetarian curry and rice and a slurpee. I also had my period that day.

Day 19

Today I had a homemade muffin which is apple and cinnamon. Today was not too bad with my period

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