Ginger is a herb which is found in most supermarkets. It originated from China. Some people grow it.

Ginger is good for calming those nerves down. It is also is good for getting rid of a cold. It also helps to relieve pain and other things. Some people use it relieve PMS pain. You can add it to tea, eat it plain or add it to food.

You can buy it everywhere and there are a few different types of ginger. Some of them are sold in Asian grocery stores.

There are also ginger supplements which are sold in health food stores.

I love Chinese steamed fish with ginger. Here is a simple recipe that I found on Youtube.

But it is also used in other sauces and you can eat it raw. I love the ginger sauce that we use for Chinese cold chicken and ginger in the vinegar that we use for the dumplings.

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