Coconut oil- is it good for you?

We talk about coconut oil as another type of oil that you can use for cooking and baking.

I got this coconut oil for $12 at Prahran Market one time. But you can find it at your local supermarket for about $4-$12. It tastes like not much but you can put it in things like smoothies, salads and shakes. You can even have it as a spread. Most people use it in cooking.

It does have a long shelf life, so that would mean that if you were to go into quarantine you can use it instead of your normal oil if you run out.

How is it made?

Its made by extracting the oil from the flesh in the coconut. It is used in vegan cooking to replace some of the cream used.

What is it good for?

It is good for the skin and hydration. They do have quite a fair bit of fat in there so be careful. They are high in saturated fat

Curbing sugar cravings- coconut is sweet in flavour.

Partly antioxidant

Here’s a recipe for using coconut oil in baking.


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