What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?

We’re not talking about the toilet paper business! Instead we are talking about the rest of the businesses that are impacted by the Coronavirus!

The Coronavirus is getting worse by day. Italy and Spain are in lockdown at the moment. People are scared to go out and eat. The economy has gotten worse due to people not spending as much. Food prices are going up. People are becoming more and more homeless as they lose jobs due to rising costs and not many people going out.

The share market is falling day by day

What can you do?

  • Keep supporting local businesses
  • Give what you can to homeless charities and support those doing it tough. When you do your weekly shop buy more than what you need
  • If you have Instagram or social media- take a photo of what you buy and where you have been and post it for the world to see.
  • Do support Chinese eateries

What can businesses do

  • Keep their employees
  • Let them work from home

What could the Government do?

  • Spend more money on homeless services such as the Salvos and other services.
  • Give more money to those on low incomes so that we can continue to support small business. I don’t mean the $750 once off payment. I mean raise the welfare payments each fortnight to cover costs. People on welfare should be earning more to cover all their costs.
  • The Government should house the homeless so that they don’t get the virus. People that live on the streets has a higher risk of getting coronavirus.

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