Flabbergasted:Melbourne doctor accused of seeing patients when he has Covid

This week we found out that a Melbourne doctor was accused of seeing up to 70 patients a week in his Toorak Road clinic. He was accused by health minister Jenny Mikalos, who made it public. The doctor had flu like symptoms and he flew in from the US on February 29th at 9:30am. The Guardian claims that his symptoms were mild.

Jenny had called his actions of seeing patients when he had the flu like symptoms and tested positive for Coronavirus. All the patients and the staff have been asked to self quarrantine themselves for 14 days.

The doctor in this case did do the right thing when he was tested positive for Coronavirus.

Our stance on the whole thing:

The whole thing is incredibly stupid and it is hard to find another doctor to work for him for two weeks whilst he is in isolation. Mind Body Miko says that most doctors can’t afford sick leave and they work overtime to treat their patients. His details should never have been shared with the public even if he is Missy Higgins dad. He would lose money and maybe some of his patients over this breach of confidentiality.

Most likely the surgery always has the sanitizer and most of the time the place is sanitized. If the doctor loses his job over this then there might not be another doctor to take his place.

Its also a breach of privacy by providing his name in the media when it wasn’t done for the other doctors

The doctor didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the media which did by releasing his name and business. We don’t really want to know.

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