Coronavirus and the no need to panic

People in Australia and all over the world are stocking up on essentials, due to the Coronavirus. People buy more than they need to, leaving the poor, disabled and elderly people behind. Some of the supermarket shelves are left bare, especially of toilet tissue. Now Coles and Woolworths, along with Aldi have put measures and limits in place.

Online I have seen people sell toilet rolls for a ridiculous price. Some people sell their packs for about $700-$1000. Some of the businesses are cashing in on this Coronavirus thing saying that if you dine with them then you get a free toilet roll. Its mayhem. Some people can’t afford the panic buying nor the dining out option. We don’t need to panic about this as Australia has huge supplies to last us a while. In the news there were quite a few brawls being reported.

For single person to last two weeks without going out, they would need about 4-5 toilet rolls each. For a family of four that would multiply to 25 rolls. Therefore you don’t need the multiple packs of 10-16 rolls. You only would need one or two packs and that’s it.

People have been avoiding Chinese restaurants and mass gatherings. Mass Gatherings I can understand the need to. But why Chinese restaurants? To us that is pure racism. There is no need to avoid Chinese restaurants, especially if its your favourite place. You know that their practices will always be clean if you trust them.

Let’s not panic buy and only buy when we need to. Panic buying only adds to all the stress about the Coronavirus. Let’s use up all the things in our house first and then buy some later. Let’s leave some toilet rolls and other essentials for those that need it.

And lets show support to the Chinese restaurants and businesses as well as local businesses.

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