Our February stats

This month we supported the Chinatown businesses as well as doing Febfast. This month has been quite busy for us with RPM instructor trainings. I one day hope to be a great RPM instructor who does all their classes online and post videos of it. I also one day hope to do the American Health Coach exam which has 150 questions on it next year

Also our site has been busy and the views have surpassed from the last month. We had 270 views this month. In January we had 246 views. In February, most of customers came from the United States. Over there it is winter and people are concerned about their health. The most popular time that people accessed information was 8pm AEST which in the states would be 4AM. During February there was the Better Life Summit with AJ where people listened in because they wanted to improve their health. People wanted information on How to reduce anxiety. Meditation was another post that they looked at. Our digital marketing post is still popular too.

Our Instagram hasn’t got as many followers as we’d like as we hadn’t posted as much as we wanted. The suburbs post got about 10 likes and the St Kilda festival video post got 18 views. The Midsummer pub post got nine likes. Also the post about fat shaming got nine likes as people like to love themselves. These days fat shaming is frowned upon.

Twitter didn’t have much activity that month except to talk about the Coronavirus and the Seymour line disruptions.

So what do we hope for this month?

  • People to love themselves
  • Debt collectors to stop stressing out the people that are poor to pay their debt
  • For the toilet roll panic buying to stop.
  • For people to visit Chinatown again. Just last month people started revisiting this place
  • For cafes and restaurants to sell non alcohol beer and no sugar soft drinks

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