Miss Chu’s

Miss Chu’s is a Vietnamese food place that focuses on organic healthy food which is fun to eat. They cater for vegan and vegetarians alike. I have been to a few of their stores now. Like a tuckshop you tick off on an order sheet as to what you want and you hand it to the waitress. At the end you pay for your meal. You can usually sit wherever you want.

The first Miss Chu’s that I went to was the one in Exhibition st in the city and I had lunch there. Lunch was really pricey. I think the plates of dumplings were about $7-$10 each for a plate of three.

I enjoy their dumplings and their happy hour. Here they make great vegan rice paper rolls which have no rice vermicelli in them which I like. Its good for those that want to go on a low carb diet without all the fuss.

The green tea was organic and very refreshing and relaxing. They don’t have mugs though but they serve the green tea in little cups.

They are pricey though but that’s what you expect for organic food. I have tried their $4.50 dumpling special and I enjoyed their dumplings. I came during happy hour time which is $4.50 dumplings and $5.50 beers and wines.

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