Harry potter movies

We talk about the Harry Potter movies which is about a boy who grows up to be a man and a famous wizard. In the first three movies Harry is just a student at Hogwarts and enjoying his time there and not thinking too much about Voldermort. Then in the fourth movie things began to change and the movies are a bit darker. The movies are based on JK Rowling’s books- there are eight movies and each are a sequel from the last movie. It is the same for the Harry Potter books.

Sometimes we believe in curses such as Wingardium Leviosa. The Harry Potter movies encouraged me to be and strong and confident. In the Goblet of Fire Harry’s name was written in the in the cup even though he did not sign up. But in the end he learned to be stronger and he just had to get on with the challenge. He had to deal with it head on. And that’s what we have to do as runners. And he kept doing that for the next four movies- meeting challenges head on.

He also dealt with killing Voldermort and he accepted help from his friends and teachers to do so. Sometimes a curse can be a blessing in disguise.

Death. Rebirth again and again. One idea is dead another one starts.

Avada Kedvara is the killing curse. In the later movies it was used to kill the snake and to kill Cedric. So many people had sacrificed themselves for Harry and died for him. We have to think about the sacrifices in our lives.

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