Febfast 2020

This year’s Febfast was really good and I picked to do the no added sugar thing again. This was a bit of a challenge for me as I had done it time and time again and I always have the sugar in the end and forget about it.

It’s the PMS that drives the sugar cravings. Well this time we swapped out some of the sugary items for the non sugary stuff such as a sausage roll or fruit. There were very minor PMS symptoms afterwards

The Economist published an article about sugar and its effects on people. During Christmas, people consume about 6000 calories of sugar. They say that sugar is addictive and is like a drug. Whilst I’ve never really had a lot of sugar, I’ve had my fair share of days where I felt like lots and lots of sugary food. Too much sugar can be bad for you.

Sugar is found in almost everything from cakes to sauces. It is found in most processed food

We’re lucky this time as more and more soft drinks have the no sugar versions of these. We tried them and we liked them. It was harder to find no sugar soft drinks in restaurants and cafes, so I just stuck to water and tea. And long black coffee without the sugar. We avoided the sauce with the free rice paper rolls as commercially made sauces have too much sugar in them.

There was a free pancake day but I didn’t eat a lot of the maple syrup.

So where to from here:

  • In March we started the 100 days of less sugar campaign
  • We would try and successfully campaign for cafes and restaurants to sell less sugary drinks
  • We would also try and educate the public that black coffee without the sugar is best.
  • We should try and promote not having sauces with our meals as the flavour comes from the food and not the sauce. Too much sauce drowns out the flavour of the food.

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