Autism change your reactions

This campaign was launched by the Victorian Government and here they talk about including more autistic people in everyday life. We see autistic people on What Would You Do and people are glad to help them.

The video and the campaign was done by Amaze. Amaze is a group of professionals that help people with autism and how people see them.

But in Australia these people are discriminated against. On trains and trams these people are not offered seats. We wrote about Autism before. Autism is where you like the same things over and over again as well as are sensitive to some things such as loud noises.

People see autistic people as people with mental health problems. But really we are not. We maybe a bit slow but we will get there. Some of us can balance well and others can’t.

We must be more tolerant of people that are autistic or strange. We should give up those seats to those who look like they might need it and if you are the ticket inspector you should be kinder to those people especially if they don’t know how to top up their myki or didn’t know how their myki works. Most of the time these people are on a disability pension and might not afford a lot of things.

If you can help these people who are autistic then great. Whether it is speaking up for them or helping them to a seat awesome.


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