Why I should keep a health journal

A health journal is important as it can help you track your food, vitamins and how well your body is performing. For ladies this is more important as we have hormones and our periods. Sometimes certain foods don’t always agree with us.

A health journal tells us about what our body needs and how much of that thing we’re getting. It will also remind you as to what you are allergic to so that you don’t eat it the next time.

And it’s easier for you to tell the doctor and personal trainer what you ate. Then the doctor can diagnose your condition easily particularly if you got food poisoning. It is easier for the personal trainer to see what sort of foods that you are eating and why those foods make you put on weight

There are apps such as myfitnesspal and other apps where you can record everything you ate that day. You can also write down how you felt when you ate that food as food and mood go hand in hand. One day you might be feeling happy and then the next you are quite sad and you decide to have comfort food

A health journal also holds you accountable for any exercise that you do and it can remind you to move more. It can also remind you to do your 150 mins of vigorous activity and two strength sessions a week.

Do keep a health journal to track your health not your calories. And do keep one to track your moods and your sleep.

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