How to handle criticism

We all have some criticism in our lives. From our family members, to co workers and our boss. But how do you handle it?

Some people run away from facing the truth. But that’s not going to get very far. Getting feedback from something that you did is how you learn from your mistakes.

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Criticism from people

People will give your criticism sometimes especially when it is at work. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Do it better next time. Ask for feedback. Work out whether it is constructive or not. If it’s not constructive, just ignore it. But tell your family members or co workers as to why.

Do accept the feedback and take action on it.

Online criticism

We sometimes have online criticism. People leave negative reviews online for all sorts of reasons. Find out a bit more about the person that posted it and then see if they are a troll or not. If they have been to your business and didn’t like it, ask them why! Ask them if they think you could have done something better.

If you are the manager don’t be afraid to ask your employees about the negative reviews. Verify with them what really happened and if they are a troll you can delete the comment or review

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