Your OHSC explained

As students you are expected to have your student health cover when you arrive in Australia. This is your Overseas Health Student cover.

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Healthcare in Australia is expensive so insurance is a MUST

What it does cover?

  • Your hospital stays
  • Your prescriptions- in Australia you can claim up to $300 a year on these things.
  • Your ambulance treatment
  • Your doctors visits

What it does not cover

  • Any weight loss advice or surgery
  • Any non medical things such as lifestyle treatments and some mental health things.
  • Some of the insurance companies may cover the gym so its best to ask around.

How to claim your insurance?

Some doctors bulk bill and others get you to pay. If you have to pay get the receipt and you can claim it online or in person. You might not get all the money back- this is known as a gap fee.

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