What snacks to have at the footy that won’t break the bank balance.

Buying food and water at the match is expensive let along the long queues at the food stalls. Water is about $5 there and soft drinks are about $4.50.

Photo by Andra on Pexels.com

Bring your own water in your reusable bottle. It will save the environment.  Instead of soft drink have your lift off drinks as they have a lot more energy and are not sugar loaded.

Check where the footy game is at. If the game is at MCG then there might not be much choice, but what we like is our homemade salads or visiting Fredricks for pies. Also El Almo’s in Prahran Market is also good for your empanada fix at $4-$5 each. Also Aunty Maggies has some awesome snacks and all are stone’s throw away from the MCG.

Blufin in Malvern central do awesome sushi for $2-$3 per roll. Two to three rolls would fill you up easily.

If your game is at Marvel then you could get some Grill’d chips or Lord of the Fries ones as they are close to the station. You can also get some food at Woolworths as they are inside Southern Cross station. Woolworths has lots of good snacks and foods that won’t break the bank.


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