Our stay at home Instagram movement

Due to the Coronavirus we have a Stay at Home movement on Instagram. Not enough people are taking this thing seriously. They think that “oh it might not happen to me and even if it does, then I’ll recover because I’m healthy!” Well it can happen to anyone and it has with NSW well over 1600 cases.

Well spare a thought for those that are sick and the healthcare system. Right now it is good but later on down the track when you selfish people get it then the system will be overburdened. In Victoria and the rest of Australia there are not enough hospital beds to house everyone. In America the system is completely overwhelmed as is in London and Europe. In Spain people die every day.

People get bored at home and they want to go to these country towns when they are supposed to be at home. We hear reports of people visiting the beach and gathering in groups and its the same for country towns. The locals got fed up there. And now people in Victoria can get fined around $1652 for non essential outings and gatherings (exercise is not included and neither is shopping for essentials or working when you can’t work at home)

Hence this is why we have a stay at home movement on Instagram where we will post things most days about what we did at home and what you can do. We love food as much as you do and we got the idea from Sarah shares Melbourne. Mon’s Adventures has some great ideas as to what to do at home.

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The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo

The Government has banned all restaurants and cafes from dining in. But they can still do takeaway and alcohol sales online or you can go there and pick it up.

People in the hospitality industry are feeling it right now. The hotels may not be feeling it as they are getting people who will be in 14 days self isolation and the Government is paying for their stay.

But people in the food industry need your love as they are closed except for takeaway and Ubereats. On the first day of the ban I had fish and chips takeaway. In the subsequent days I looked for the ice cream shop and they were not open until 3pm. I had really wanted to support them and show them my love.

Gastrology on the other hand has supported the Save Hospo movement by buying and promoting all their meals online. I was a fan of their Papparich posts. Pity that there is no Papparich near me and I don’t have a car.

But do support the hospitality industry as like everyone they are going through some tough times.

Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign

Fitness Australia is a not for profit organisation who advocates for gyms, personal trainers among other staff that work in the gym. They have about 20000 members. During Stage One of the lockdown the health and fitness industry was hit the hardest.

During the Covid19 times it is important to move when you can. Fitness Australia has put together this campaign to help us to get through these tough times. Now the gyms are closed and everyone is home. Everyone is losing money here.

It is about leading the conversation during this difficult time about movement and enjoying life. Its really simple. All you do is find an activity that you enjoy whether it is outdoors or indoors. But make sure you follow the Government’s rules at this time.

For me I love outdoors and had liked it before the Covid. I love going out on a sunny day and moving. It is so important for the mind and the body. But I also love the gym. I love the gym for the social aspect and to exercise with others. At this time its important to catch up with others whilst maintaining social distancing. The gyms have quite a few measures in place to combat Covid19 and there is a course online for personal trainers to take on Covid19.

Do donate to Fitness Australia’s campaign as they want to keep it strong post Covid19. The more you support their campaign the more we can get back to business. Hopefully Fitness Australia will be successful in getting the gyms back and running again.

National nutrition month

March is National nutrition month. This is a month that happens in America and not so much in Australia. I was hoping to do this month in order to promote national nutritional standards in Australia. Standards in Australia are quite low. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and hydrate properly.

Hence the obesity rate which is skyrocketing. Also the rate of chronic illness is going up.

At this time the Coronavirus pandemic was raging so more and more people stayed at home for the latter part of the month. Before we were all forced into lockdown I had a couple of Chinese meals (one per week) and I had some Breadtop food. When I went out for Chinese food it was either pescatarian or vegetarian. We know that the meat meals have a lot of sodium and MSG in there.

This month we ate quite a bit of vegetarian and home cooked food. Here we enjoyed the vegetarian curries and salads. I did have a bit of PMS this time but I was all fine. I ate my usual two to three fruits a day and was all good. I did eat mindfully. I enjoyed a lot more beans, especially the snack beans.

I also managed to keep up with my fluids each day, even if I was in isolation. When I was at home I didn’t eat a lot of takeaway. The only takeaway I ate was fish and chips and it was really good.

For breakfast I enjoyed oats which were full of fiber. This month we tried Psyllium Husk which is good for managing IBS and constipation for people. We tried this in shakes.

We still enjoyed our wine and wine Friday’s. That was the only time that we let our hair down.

Our 100 days of less sugar part 3

In this part we spent most of our time at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And when we did we kept up with the less sugar program.

If you are cooped up at home this program would be really good to take. You start from Part 1 and you work your way. The Baking Nutritionist has been doing it for a while now.

Day 20- 17/3/2020

Today I had a Quest protein bar which tastes like chocolate but they don’t put sugar in there. Taking a break from the Coronavirus and just enjoying things

Day 21-18/3/2020

Today I have been taking it easy on the sugar except for the Pepsi Max which was free. But I did not drink all of it. I did however have one Chinese meal and it was really good. The place was deserted as was most of the city

Day 22-19/3/2020

Was going to have that ice cream but didn’t. In the end though we did not have any in the freezer. But had healthy foods at home which made all the difference.

Day 23- 20/3/2020

Was at home today so I didn’t have a lot of sweets.

Day 24- 21/3/2020

I did have one sweet coconut cake from Breadtop but it was ok. The rest of the time I just enjoyed fruit

Day 25- 22/3/2020

I had one mini sized Snickers bar and that was all the sweets that I had. I did not like the sweet Cascade mineral water as it was way too much for me.

Day 2623/3/2020

Today I had no sugar but I really wanted the frozen froyo which had a lot of sugar in there. Instead I had the kids fish and chips pack, knowing that the adult size would be too big for me to handle.

Day 27- 24/3/2020

Today I had the Shelby’s green matcha almonds and it was awesome. That and a small square of chocolate to get through my day after finding that there are over 2000 coronavirus cases in Australia. People are not taking this Corona thing seriously.

Day 28

Today I felt like a museli slice and something sweet so I went for that. I had a banana which was sweet. I was at home due to the Coronavirus.

Day 29

Today I felt like an ice cream so I went for one of those protein ones as they are healthier and they have less sugar than normal ones. Stayed clear of the biscuits that my housemate bought.

People are still not taking this Coronavirus thing seriously.

Banana cake with low fat Philadelphia cheese

We like to make our own banana cake.

I hate going outside to a cafe and ordering banana cake from there as it tastes lurid and its full of calories, carbs and starches of all kind. The icing outside is always too sweet and full of fat. Here we have one which is not full of fat.

So here is one that we do at home. But we don’t use the hundreds and thousands like they do. You can try this one out now that you have more time. We used Philadelphia cream cheese but if you don’t have any Philadelphia cream cheese is fine. You can just use another cream cheese that is just as smooth as this one

Enjoy and stay safe guys from this virus.

Pasta bolognaise

I love having this dish during the colder months. Especially now that we are in Coronavirus lockdown it’s important to have a freezer filled with precooked sauces and other things. For the healthcare workers this is extremely vital after a long hard day at work looking after people.

This version has about 300-500 calories and is easily made at home after a long day at work. You can freeze the bolognaise sauce if you make a big batch of it. You can use any pasta you like.

Do make this simple meal when you can

Stay safe everyone

Cyberbully the movie

In our everyday lives at work and at school we are bullied a lot. People are bullied for all kinds of reasons whether it is a disability or looks or some other reason. We watched Cyberbully on Youtube as this movie is a VHS movie.

It stars Emily Osment as a 17 year old girl who has just had her birthday. For her birthday she got a a laptop and all the freedom with it. That night she signed up for a social networking site where she was bullied daily by a girl named Lindsay. It got so bad that she attempted suicide at the end but came out alive.

BE careful of what you post online about someone, it will come back to haunt you later on.

Do watch the movie now, especially during these school holidays. If you have kids you should talk about cyberbullying and being careful online. Kids should tell you their password so that you can check up on them online.

Make sure that they befriend people that they know from school and family friends. They should set their Facebook to private.

If they are being bullied, they should tell you and their teacher. Let them know that they don’t have to go it alone. Be there for them. If you are being bullied at work do tell your manager about it. Make sure that you have evidence such as emails or videos. Tell your family about the bullying so that they can be there for you.

How to manage a bad mental health week

We all have these weeks where you don’t want to get up and go to the gym or you dread walking to uni. I got the idea from Moll Eats and Lifts. During the Covid19 we are stuck indoors most of the time.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My non negotiables


I work with people that suffer from mental health and homelessness. I work with those that are on low incomes. I am constantly surrounded by them 3-4 days a week. I also walk by them and wish that I could give them a big hug and some food. I also have to attend seminars and sit in it for hours on end.

Luckily I work for myself so I can schedule some downtime and exercise when I need. I can’t always talk to someone about problems that I’m having people as confidentiality is a must in our industry.


Rest is important and we need that to function. For me it would be 7-9 hours sleep per night followed by some downtime each day.



Missing one session is ok. Miss a few and then you don’t know where you are. If you are a gym instructor its best to not skip any sessions because you don’t get paid and its hard to find someone to cover for you.

I also run outside. During the Covid19 I have been doing that lots since my gym closed down. Its ok to struggle sometimes during your sessions.

I walk everyday to the tram stop but I bus home. I live within all modes of transport and all of them get me to work.

Social Media

I try my best not to be on it all the time. But in times like Covid19 it is hard to not see your friends. But most of my friends post positive things online

Social time

I’m very fortunate to not have a lot of social time, but even if I do its at the gym with all my friends in there. We support each other through the hard and tough times. I do have a few friends outside my gym but we are all so busy that it is hard to catch up.

Ella in Melbourne Central

During the Covid19 pandemic its important to support these places. They are either closed or doing just takeaway now

Ella in Melbourne central is an awesome place to hang if you want to chill. I have enjoyed the pretzel and some of the food that is on offer there. Its an awesome place to hang if you want to just enjoy the night out.

Melbourne Central is in the city and all the train lines from the suburbs serve it. Also all the trams from the suburbs and Melbourne Uni go there. Ella is just above the station on the Elizabeth street side.

They have live music every Friday night and they have a bottleshop called “Blackhearts and Sparrows” which is cool and it has a lot of wine and beer in there

The retailers at Ella in Melbourne Central often use paper or plastic packaging for when their customers want to dine in. With the exception of the sushi club and Ajisen Ramen which have eat in dishes. Byrdi is a sit restaurant but its more of a bar and Reverie is a coffee place. Son in Law used these takeaway bowls and they would have wasted all that plastic. Emporium has their own eat in bowls and dishes which customers can return to the eateries or put it where they drop off the trays.

Byrdi is a Australian bar but they do awesome brunch. Here I enjoyed their eggs on toast. They use all natural Australian ingredients.

I tried Pretzel and love their awesome pretzels. They were enough to fill me up.

Do come by Ella when you can