lets move 365: Malaysian games

The Malaysian games are on every year and it’s a good chance for players and clubs from all different unis in Melbourne to compete. These were a really fun way to enjoy ourselves. Most of the Malaysian games were held at MSAC in Albert Park. Here people pay $20- $30 to participate and they get a goody bag containing snacks and discounts. This is a good way for students to mingle with each other.

There were some serious cash prizes to be won such as $300.


This was an online game featuring dragons and fighting. Here everything was intense and everyone was in a team of five.

At Renegade there were a lot of tension but the best teams battled it out on Sunday. The games started late at 11am. Renegade is a city Internet cafe


I had the pleasure of watching this at msac. The team that really stood out for me was the red one. The red one was really great and they had many . In one game they had 46 goals.

But like everything it was disorganised with the umpires arriving after 11:30am

Free lunch

Only the volunteers and players got the free nasi lemak. The rest had to pay for their own lunches which is expensive in MSAC.


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