American Heart Health month

This month is Heart Health month. Over 70% of people have heart disease or some other diseases. This month is all about making good food and lifestyle choices and talk about which ones are the bad ones.

It is an American initiative because about 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Heart disease affects both men and women but people who are obese have a higher risk of getting heart disease.

We went vegetarian for most of the month as meat has too much saturated fat and that’s not good for the heart.

The use of tobacco is one way to prevent heart disease. In Australia we use quite a bit of tobacco. But according to this report there has been an increase in the amount of people choosing not to smoke.

Also the amount of people choosing not to drink and opting for alcohol free drinks has gone up. This month we sampled Carlton zero which is a non alcoholic beer. This is good as it lowers stress on the heart. But its a pity that not many cafes and restaurants have these options for customers. As such we saw a rise in attacks and assaults in Melbourne and Australia.

We did a lot of exercise that month as a chance to improve our cardiovascular health. We did more than 150 mins of vigorous exercise and we enjoyed that.

So where to from here?

  • From here we should encourage more cafes and restaurants to serve sugar free drinks to consumers if they would like
  • There should be more alcohol free beers and wines in pubs, clubs and nightclubs all over Australia. TGI friday’s is a great start.
  • We should encourage people to move more and sit less. Moving more and sitting less makes people happier and healthier.
  • Junk food should be more expensive and fresh food should be cheaper for everyone. Those in low income families would benefit from cheaper fruits and vegetables.

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