The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones

This article was written for Febfast- a month in which we ditch added sugar.

Ditching added sugar is a great idea and soft drink companies should make sugarless soft drinks to combat the ever growing rate of obesity as cited in Medical News today.

By that we mean soft drinks and juices. There are quite a few non sugary drinks on the market. The latest one is the pepsi one where we were tested on taste at Flinders st station.

The taste is the same so we could not tell. And then I tried the Solo and loved it. This time there was no sugar and it gave me that hit. And I also tried the Lipton Iced tea no sugar and enjoyed that! Here they used stevia in their drinks.

I tried the sugarless Gatorade and its all good. I felt virtuous after all.

I also tried the low sugar slurpee and it was ok. The mango one at 7/11 is really nice.

But should cafes and places other than the supermarkets sell them?

Yes! Then they would get more health conscious customers to their stores. When we went to some of these cafes there were not many soft drink alternatives provided except for sugarless coke and some people don’t want to drink this due to the fact that it has too much caffeine in it.

We should suggest that the cafes and restaurants make a change for the better and provide more sugar free alternatives for customers that want to better their health.

If the cafes sold more sugar free drinks and they gave them out to customers as samples, it could help curb the ever growing obesity issue!

We are up for the sugar free drink movement and hope it stays for a long while.

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