Four simple ways to reduce anxiety

We all have anxiety sometimes. We all need time to unwind and we should reduce anxiety. If we have too much anxiety we gain weight and we don’t sleep well. Too much anxiety can affect our way of life including our relationships with people.

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Reconnect yourself

If you reconnect yourself you can feel when you are hurting and comfort yourself. Comforting yourself might be journalling or cooking, whatever you like to do. Or it can be talking to a friend.

Have some downtime each day where you do nothing.

For me I love to watch Youtube or go outside for a walk. I love to watch those WWYD videos as they give people hope and give me some hope too. It inspires me to help other people.

Having downtime is important for relaxing the mind and the body. Without it we do not function well and we run like a well oiled machine but with a part or two missing.

Start a gratitude journal

Journaling your thoughts is a great idea and can help you express your feelings. You can know yourself a bit better. You can do it electronically or in a physical book. A physical book though is a lot more fun and there are some nice books that you can buy at Typo.

Learn mindfulness and befriend the mind

Mindfulness is about being in the present and not dwelling on the past. The mind can do wonderful things for us. The mind can think of wonderful things rather than negative thoughts. Here we can meditate and just relax. Just focus on your breathing.

We feel much happier if we don’t dwell on the past.

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