Our January Events

Here’s a roundup of our January events. And boy it was busy this month.

The opening of Summertime Social

Summertime Social is a new pop up place in Russell st rooftop where the carpark is and where the Big Umbrella is. Here they had $6 cocktails, beer and wine all weekend. Patrons enjoyed free games and doughnuts. I didn’t have the doughnuts because it was too hot for them and the icing had melted.

But what I did enjoy was the strawberry gin ice cream and the chips. Oh and they are a cashless system.

They are around until the end of March.

South Melbourne Night Market Opening night

South Melbourne Market has a summertime night market which is always crowded from 5pm-8pm. The market is outside the 96 tram stop which makes it super easy to get to from the city.

There were so many food trucks and almost all the shops were open. Food was priced between $10-$20 for mains. Dessert was $7-$8. You can buy drinks at the discount shop as they stayed open at this time.

The only downside is that some of the Asian shops close way early and the kitchen at Yo Sushi was closed. If the kitchen at Yo Sushi was to close so early they should consider closing up shop at 4pm.

Bubble tea festival

This festival was held on the weekend of Chinese New year in Melbourne Central. This was a really popular festival with really long queues at the bubble tea shops in Melbourne Central. You had to purchase one bubble tea and you’ll get one token. You can exchange that one token at the Bubble mart until their items have run out for the day.

The Queensbridge Chinese New year festival

This was not as great as last year. I went there on opening night and there were no free samples of sauce to take home. The only food samples was the Malaysian meat pieces. There was no dragon dancing and very limited food stalls.

Australian Open at Federation Square

This was free to attend and many tennis fans enjoy coming here. A ticket at the tennis itself cost $50 and they don’t give away many freebies. Here we got some hair gel and an eye mask to take home. People brought their own lunches and drinks in.

We enjoyed watching the tennis on the big screen and cheering on our favourite players. It was a sunny day and sunscreen was provided. There was free coffee at the Lavazza stand.

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