Bondi Protein Powder

We review Bondi Protein powder!

The protein powder I buy are usually whey based and they have no sugar in it. They have 22g of protein in there. They come in a few different flavours and there is even one for men. There is vanilla, coffee, strawberry and chocolate.

They are sold at Chemist Warehouse and nowhere else.

I got a few samples at first and then I bought a big jar for $30 which comes with 25 serves. I wanted to try the different samples before buying. Each serve would cost me $1.20. I really liked the strawberry one. They have 385 mg of potassium per serve. When I buy a protein powder I look for the amount of protein that they have as well as the potassium.

Potassium is an important mineral for recovery and it is more so for women as we lose it when we menstruate.

Here I had mine naked but you can add different things to it such as coffee and beetroot.

Do buy yours if you don’t like a protein drink with too much added sugar and love the potassium.


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