Crazy clothes Fridays

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Office workplace culture can be stressful at times. So I have this awesome idea of offices having these crazy clothes Fridays. People dress up in a costume of a particular theme or pjs and they work for that day. This is meant to be a stress free idea to get people laughing and talking.

But businesses don’t have to do this if they don’t want to (ie a law firm or a bank).

I thought about this idea after seeing Mind Body Miko’s crazy idea for different coloured socks and thought that could work.

For example workers could dress up as witches and ghouls one week and fairytale characters the next week or superheroes or villains. Workers could use their local op shops to scour outfits. They could raise some money for charity this way. People donate the money (whatever amount they’d like to give) into a small box which a charity gets decided later on as everyone might have a different charity that they’d like to volunteer with. There could be a vote and whoever’s costume is the best gets the most money for their charity. The bushfire relief is one charity where they could donate that money.

Try this idea and see how you go. Happier employees equates to much more productive ones. Happier employees equates to healthier employees and less sick days which is what a company wants.

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