Brittany runs a Marathon

The story is a motivational one and one about why you should take up running even though you are fat or have a disability. It just goes to show that anyone can run. This movie is on Amazon Prime and for new customers they get 30 days free.

This movie is based around a woman’s life- Brittany. And it’s a true story about this sad 27 year old who is fat, drinks a lot and is lazy. She has an apartment and a job that doesn’t pay so well at the theatre. She sleeps a lot during the day. At the beginning she was always late for work because she missed her train. But then when she started training for the New York City marathon, she manages to get the train.

The first time she went to the doctor he recommended that she lose weight and become healthy. And that’s what she did. It takes a lot of courage to become healthier and run a marathon.

At the beginning of the movie Brittany weighed 193 pounds and then she started running a mile, then two miles. Over time she ran faster and faster. Her New York city time was 3:49 hours. That year that she trained, she befriends Catherine who lives in the same apartment block as her and is always perfect. She also baby sits a dog and befriends Jern. Eventually they move in together and they become intimate. At this time she loses her other drinking friends especially Gretchen. Gretchen, although a teacher seemed a bit self centred and not learning to respect Brittany’s space and no.

Later on she gets kicked out and moves back home. She also gets a stress fracture. But a year later she runs the marathon.

Do see the movie if you like to be motivated to lose weight.

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