Non alcoholic beer is it worth the hype

We talk about non alcoholic beer and whether it is worth the hype.

According to Choice it is said that more Australians are cutting back on alcohol for their health. Non alcoholic beers and wines have less than 0.5% of alcohol but its distilled. Which means that you are less likely to get drunk. And this bottle of beer only has 28 calories.

It was hard to find these beers in the food courts and restaurants. Some places like TGI fridays are embracing the change! As more and more Australians are embracing the change, more cafes and bars should provide this option.

I love Carlton Zero as it tastes like beer but without the alcohol! I first heard about them at St Kilda beach when they were doing their free beer on the beach. Heineken and other brands are doing the same and you can find them in Dan Murphy’s and BWS and other bottle shops.

There’s been a lot more violence as people drink too much so I call upon the restaurants and bars to provide alcohol free beer. TGI does this and they are successful. Also the airlines should do this as there is a huge increase in passenger violence and alcohol is one of the reasons why passengers are so violent on the plane.

Too much alcohol makes a person gain weight over time. Lets provide more of these alcohol free beers in pubs and clubs.

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