Our January stats

We talk about our January stats.

In January the bushfire season worsened and then the Coronavirus hit. Like many businesses in Melbourne our blog was impacted a bit from these effects. That month we were involved in the bushfire efforts and promoting that people donate to them

Views on WordPress blog was 246 which was not great. That was down by 100 despite January being a busy month for the gyms. 71 people came from India. This might mean that Indians want to find some ways to live healthily and happily. The time that most people visited was between 12am-7am AEST.

Our Instagram followers were down by 30 people as most people liked to diet and lose weight fast. The picture with the detox juice got 10 likes and was regrammed from somewhere else. That someone else on Instagram got a lot of blasting for their picture and their diet. Most people agreed with us as this was not a good way to diet. In fact we reported them but they were never taken down on Instagram. Things like this we report as it is a danger to everyone’s health.

Our Twitter stayed the same as Coronavirus became the new hit. In fact we have about 393 followers. Some people left and others stayed on.

Goals for February

In February we’d like to have more views on our WordPress blog. We also would like to have more views and likes on Instagram as that says that people value their health.

We’d also like for people to donate as much as they can to the bushfire efforts. We’d like to see more visitors from other countries except for China to come and visit Australia as much as they can to help boost Australia’s economy. At the moment tourism is suffering.

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