Why fake diets and liver detoxes suck

People promote these fake diets and liver detoxes on Instagram and they have been doing so for the past few months and years.

They suck for various reasons. On Instagram there are many detox posts and influencers who advertise their detox wares. This week I saw someone advertise a detox water and questioned them for doing so. And then they did it again.

January and February is the time when people want to lose weight. So advertisers will advertise their detox products hoping to lure people in. When we searched on Bing it came up with 32,500,000 results.

They suck because they are expensive to follow. They are short term diets that promise results and most people are unhappy.

Some of these detox diets are extreme and can cause nutritional deficiencies like the water and fruit cleanse diet or the juice diet where you just drink juice all day and that’s it.

You don’t need a detox diet to get rid of all the fat and lose the weight. The kidneys do that for you. But you can help the kidneys by eating a sensible diet (full of fruits and vegetables and some lean proteins, fats and carbs) and drinking lots of water. The kidneys will excrete the waste and detoxify you.

A note for Instagram: you should ban all those detox diet ads and block those people’s account as what they are doing to others is dangerous and can end up with a visit to the ED as well as an eating disorder.

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