Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week was on the 10.2.2020-16.2.2020.

This week we focussed a lot on health and nutrition in general. Many people at the gym don’t always know how to eat healthy or the right way for their body type. It’s a shame that this week happens in America but not in Australia.

This year it’s all about Health at Every size. There is no one right size that fits all. People seem to think that there is but there is not. People want to lose weight the fast way without really finding the best way for them.

This week we enjoyed eating everything and what we wanted to eat, not what we have to. For instance, Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed a vegetarian sausage roll and vegan pie at Daniel’s donuts. I really liked the taste of a vegan pie.

On Friday night at the after work drinks I enjoyed a bowl of chips. For lunch that day I had three Roll’d rice paper rolls and enjoyed all even though I know that it’s not good for you. But every now and then its ok.

This week I did my runs for pure enjoyment rather than I had to. This week I only did 138 mins of high intensity activity rather than the 200 mins and I was ok with that as I had done that previous weeks. I didn’t like being dragged into doing 200 mins every week. Meanwhile we enjoyed other activities and I enjoyed team teaching in my first rpm class, rather than thinking its a chore. Some people seem to think that exercise is a chore rather than enjoying it.

My weight has been on the healthy side and it will always stay there. I weigh 53kgs and my BMI is about 19. This is just a number on the scale and we don’t go by numbers, rather by how you feel.

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