How to deal with online haters

Online haters are everywhere and the health and fitness industry is immune to this. Tiny Buddha has written about this. Whilst I get mostly positive vibes, there are a few negative ones where I’ve commented on other people’s things- particularly diet and nutrition posts that are controversial. I live and breathe fitness and health andContinue reading “How to deal with online haters”


lets move 365: Malaysian games

The Malaysian games are on every year and it’s a good chance for players and clubs from all different unis in Melbourne to compete. These were a really fun way to enjoy ourselves. Most of the Malaysian games were held at MSAC in Albert Park. Here people pay $20- $30 to participate and they getContinue reading “lets move 365: Malaysian games”

Lets move 365: Meditation

Meditation is the most relaxing way to distress about your life and think about the happier times. You’ll thank me later when you are happy again. Just take ten minutes out of your day whether it would be morning or night, find a relaxing pose and then close your eyes and relax for ten minutes.Continue reading “Lets move 365: Meditation”

American Heart Health month

This month is Heart Health month. Over 70% of people have heart disease or some other diseases. This month is all about making good food and lifestyle choices and talk about which ones are the bad ones. It is an American initiative because about 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Heart diseaseContinue reading “American Heart Health month”


2012 is a sci fi movie starring John Cusack. Its about the earth ending and climate change. Here they talk about the unsteady globe and the temperatures that are rising. People are forced to evacuate. There is a lot of panic. There’s tsunamis and earthquakes and buildings falling. Its a movie about survival of theContinue reading “2012”

The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni

We got the idea from Creative impact co who suggests eating three meals a day and breakfast. They say that so many of us eat on the run rather than taking the time to eat your food. What does your day look like? For many people they get up around 6:30am and then they startContinue reading “The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni”

The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones

This article was written for Febfast- a month in which we ditch added sugar. Ditching added sugar is a great idea and soft drink companies should make sugarless soft drinks to combat the ever growing rate of obesity as cited in Medical News today. By that we mean soft drinks and juices. There are quiteContinue reading “The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones”

Four simple ways to reduce anxiety

We all have anxiety sometimes. We all need time to unwind and we should reduce anxiety. If we have too much anxiety we gain weight and we don’t sleep well. Too much anxiety can affect our way of life including our relationships with people. Reconnect yourself If you reconnect yourself you can feel when youContinue reading “Four simple ways to reduce anxiety”

An open letter to councils

Here is a letter to the council should you wish to start up your own pantry for the homeless. Homelessness is growing more and more each day and its about time that we put an open food pantry in most councils and cities. So here is a sample of a letter that you can useContinue reading “An open letter to councils”

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer The High Country fundraiser This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to getContinue reading “Our February events”

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