How to deal with online haters

Online haters are everywhere and the health and fitness industry is immune to this. Tiny Buddha has written about this. Whilst I get mostly positive vibes, there are a few negative ones where I’ve commented on other people’s things- particularly diet and nutrition posts that are controversial.

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I live and breathe fitness and health and out there in the online world it can cruel and tough on those that want to lose the weight. Online hate can be quite stressful for people so here’s a few ways of dealing with the hate!

Ignore them

Ignore them if you know that you are right and they are wrong. But in saying that also know which criticism is constructive and which is not.

Also are they an Internet troll? Many times the Internet is filled with these trolls as they simply have nothing better to do.

Block them or request that they be blocked

On Instagram there is such a request to block them and let Instagram deal with this. On Facebook you can report them to the admins or unfriend them if they are you friend.

But if they are your colleague or family this might be a little bit trickier as first of all you don’t choose who you work with or are family. At work if they are bullying you, you can report them to your boss. If they are family you can choose not to see them

Joke about it.

They say that laughter is the best medicine for things like these. You can make a joke about it to your fellow colleagues and friends about this person.

Open up about it to your community

Don’t be afraid to ask for support from people whether it would be the group fitness manager. If it is online in a group you can talk to the admins about the person.

At school I was bullied a lot for being different. When I was I would open up about it to my parents and they’d tell the teachers at school.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and family if you are really close as they can help you out.

lets move 365: Malaysian games

The Malaysian games are on every year and it’s a good chance for players and clubs from all different unis in Melbourne to compete. These were a really fun way to enjoy ourselves. Most of the Malaysian games were held at MSAC in Albert Park. Here people pay $20- $30 to participate and they get a goody bag containing snacks and discounts. This is a good way for students to mingle with each other.

There were some serious cash prizes to be won such as $300.


This was an online game featuring dragons and fighting. Here everything was intense and everyone was in a team of five.

At Renegade there were a lot of tension but the best teams battled it out on Sunday. The games started late at 11am. Renegade is a city Internet cafe


I had the pleasure of watching this at msac. The team that really stood out for me was the red one. The red one was really great and they had many . In one game they had 46 goals.

But like everything it was disorganised with the umpires arriving after 11:30am

Free lunch

Only the volunteers and players got the free nasi lemak. The rest had to pay for their own lunches which is expensive in MSAC.

Lets move 365: Meditation

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Meditation is the most relaxing way to distress about your life and think about the happier times. You’ll thank me later when you are happy again.

Just take ten minutes out of your day whether it would be morning or night, find a relaxing pose and then close your eyes and relax for ten minutes. Think about a happy place whether it would be made up or not.

If meditating by yourself is not your thing then there are many classes that you can join. Some of them are for free and others have a fee involved. But its usually a small fee to cover the rent and other material costs.

Do try meditation today to help you relax

American Heart Health month

This month is Heart Health month. Over 70% of people have heart disease or some other diseases. This month is all about making good food and lifestyle choices and talk about which ones are the bad ones.

It is an American initiative because about 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Heart disease affects both men and women but people who are obese have a higher risk of getting heart disease.

We went vegetarian for most of the month as meat has too much saturated fat and that’s not good for the heart.

The use of tobacco is one way to prevent heart disease. In Australia we use quite a bit of tobacco. But according to this report there has been an increase in the amount of people choosing not to smoke.

Also the amount of people choosing not to drink and opting for alcohol free drinks has gone up. This month we sampled Carlton zero which is a non alcoholic beer. This is good as it lowers stress on the heart. But its a pity that not many cafes and restaurants have these options for customers. As such we saw a rise in attacks and assaults in Melbourne and Australia.

We did a lot of exercise that month as a chance to improve our cardiovascular health. We did more than 150 mins of vigorous exercise and we enjoyed that.

So where to from here?

  • From here we should encourage more cafes and restaurants to serve sugar free drinks to consumers if they would like
  • There should be more alcohol free beers and wines in pubs, clubs and nightclubs all over Australia. TGI friday’s is a great start.
  • We should encourage people to move more and sit less. Moving more and sitting less makes people happier and healthier.
  • Junk food should be more expensive and fresh food should be cheaper for everyone. Those in low income families would benefit from cheaper fruits and vegetables.


2012 is a sci fi movie starring John Cusack. Its about the earth ending and climate change. Here they talk about the unsteady globe and the temperatures that are rising. People are forced to evacuate. There is a lot of panic.

There’s tsunamis and earthquakes and buildings falling. Its a movie about survival of the fittest and I thought it would be befitting to talk about it here since climate change is on the agenda. The movie goes for two hours and thirty minutes.

It starts off in California where Jackson (John Curtis) is a non fiction writer. He just got his first book published and people are buying it. He is divorced and Kate (Amanda Peet) is living with this surgeon Gordon who is Kate’s new boyfriend. He seems a bit self centred always talking about Jackson and putting him down. There are lots of references to dying.

The earth’s core moves a lot, but in the end most of the people survived as they were evacuated on these huge giant ships and aircraft.

So what can we learn from this movie?

  • Don’t use energy unneccessarily
  • Don’t buy single plastic things
  • We should worry about the factories that use up a lot of the earth’s resources to produce things- a lot of the fumes from the factories destroy the ozone layer
  • We should cycle, walk or use public transport more often instead of our cars- diesel fumes from the cars destroy the ozone layer

Rent it now on Youtube or you can watch it on Amazon Prime for free

The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni

We got the idea from Creative impact co who suggests eating three meals a day and breakfast. They say that so many of us eat on the run rather than taking the time to eat your food.

What does your day look like?

For many people they get up around 6:30am and then they start work at 8am-8:30am. For some of the lucky ones they start a bit later. Most people are too rushed to get a sit down breakfast going. A sit down breakfast is a great idea as it relaxes you and gets your system off to a good start.

And then they have lunch at 12:30pm-1pmish. And then at 3pmish they would snack on whatever. Most people don’t get home until late and then they’ll just want takeaway.

Why does it matter

What you eat affects your mood and performance in uni and work! Good food equals good mood. If you eat lots of fruits, nuts and vegetables you’ll be fuller for longer and then you won’t reach for the cookie jar at 3pm.

If you eat good food you’ll concentrate much better in work and at school. Eat a nourishing lunch full of protein, fats and carbs and then you will feel full.

Good nutrition matters as there will be lesser sick days and more productivity. You can cope with stress much better and sleep much better.

SO what could a better day for you look like?

Everyone is different. But I would have breakfast in the morning which contains a glass of milk and maybe chia seeds.

For lunch I’d have something vegetarian and for dinner my meals vary as I don’t plan ahead. I just use whatever is in the fridge. My flatmates cook for me sometimes.

For snacks I enjoy my protein shakes and fruit and various other things.


Hydration is key and we should have a 1L-2L water bottle at our desk or in our bag. Instead of your afternoon coffee why not do a herbal tea instead as that hydrates and relaxes you. In the morning at breakfast time, why not start off with a green tea and drink one liter of that as it hydrates you.

Do whatever works for you!

The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones

This article was written for Febfast- a month in which we ditch added sugar.

Ditching added sugar is a great idea and soft drink companies should make sugarless soft drinks to combat the ever growing rate of obesity as cited in Medical News today.

By that we mean soft drinks and juices. There are quite a few non sugary drinks on the market. The latest one is the pepsi one where we were tested on taste at Flinders st station.

The taste is the same so we could not tell. And then I tried the Solo and loved it. This time there was no sugar and it gave me that hit. And I also tried the Lipton Iced tea no sugar and enjoyed that! Here they used stevia in their drinks.

I tried the sugarless Gatorade and its all good. I felt virtuous after all.

I also tried the low sugar slurpee and it was ok. The mango one at 7/11 is really nice.

But should cafes and places other than the supermarkets sell them?

Yes! Then they would get more health conscious customers to their stores. When we went to some of these cafes there were not many soft drink alternatives provided except for sugarless coke and some people don’t want to drink this due to the fact that it has too much caffeine in it.

We should suggest that the cafes and restaurants make a change for the better and provide more sugar free alternatives for customers that want to better their health.

If the cafes sold more sugar free drinks and they gave them out to customers as samples, it could help curb the ever growing obesity issue!

We are up for the sugar free drink movement and hope it stays for a long while.

Four simple ways to reduce anxiety

We all have anxiety sometimes. We all need time to unwind and we should reduce anxiety. If we have too much anxiety we gain weight and we don’t sleep well. Too much anxiety can affect our way of life including our relationships with people.

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Reconnect yourself

If you reconnect yourself you can feel when you are hurting and comfort yourself. Comforting yourself might be journalling or cooking, whatever you like to do. Or it can be talking to a friend.

Have some downtime each day where you do nothing.

For me I love to watch Youtube or go outside for a walk. I love to watch those WWYD videos as they give people hope and give me some hope too. It inspires me to help other people.

Having downtime is important for relaxing the mind and the body. Without it we do not function well and we run like a well oiled machine but with a part or two missing.

Start a gratitude journal

Journaling your thoughts is a great idea and can help you express your feelings. You can know yourself a bit better. You can do it electronically or in a physical book. A physical book though is a lot more fun and there are some nice books that you can buy at Typo.

Learn mindfulness and befriend the mind

Mindfulness is about being in the present and not dwelling on the past. The mind can do wonderful things for us. The mind can think of wonderful things rather than negative thoughts. Here we can meditate and just relax. Just focus on your breathing.

We feel much happier if we don’t dwell on the past.

An open letter to councils

Here is a letter to the council should you wish to start up your own pantry for the homeless. Homelessness is growing more and more each day and its about time that we put an open food pantry in most councils and cities. So here is a sample of a letter that you can use to help you get started

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Dear Council (insert the name here),

My name is (insert name here) and I work with homeless people. I have an idea about having an open food pantry where people can put their unwanted food stuffs in there. Homeless people can just help themselves to the pantry.

The benefits for you would be reducing the cost of homelessness and mental health issues that happen in your area. The pantry is not that expensive to set up as you can buy most of the stuff from your local hardware store and there are volunteers that can help you. Once it is run you can donate food and toiletries

All the pantry needs is just your approval on your land and in your council,

Hope to hear from you soon,

We hope that this letter helps you to open your own pantry which is not that hard to do. You just need a small space, some volunteers, a permit and some materials from the hardware store.

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer

The High Country fundraiser

This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to get in. They had heaps of good food and drinks. Alcohol was sold by the glass and there were no alcohol tastings.

Here I had the vegan burger in a bun and it was really nice. The chilli jam was lovely. If I wasn’t doing Febfast then I would have loved to try the sweets. There were sauce stalls and they were amazing. Bright brewery was there and they were popular. Cans were $7 each

Fed Square Beach pop up

For the last month of summer Fed Square has a beach pop up where we can enjoy movies outside. Here they had free food during their launch and I enjoyed their Poptastic ice cream. Remedy had a kombucha stand. I think because of the Coronavirus people stayed away

St Kilda Festival

This was fun and free and lots of live bands and samples! Lots of people came after 3pm and the trams were packed. Here people enjoyed free drinks and free indomie

National Margarita day!

National Margarita day was on the 22nd of Feb and here many people celebrated it by enjoying a Margarita in their favorite bars. TGI fridays advertised it to members for $5. But bay city burrito does the best ones at $8. Here i had the jalepino one and it was fingerlickly good! I enjoyed the jalepino kick!

You can sip with us event in Ella

You can sip with us was a three day event in Ella. You can sip with us was all about the cocktails which uses Australian native ingredients. The cocktails were from Byrdi and were divine. Here we enjoyed the sorbet one and the berry one. The sorbet one was really popular and that sold out within two hours. Although the tickets were $32 each for two cocktails there were huge lines on Friday night. What the organisers should do is organise some priority lanes and people that want these should pay an extra fee (ie say $20-$30) to be in the lane.