January 30 days Fitness Challenge

Did you put on some weight over Christmas? Want to lose that weight healthily? Then here’s the solution

This year I want to challenge you to 30 days of Fitness. Every day you are to do any activity that you enjoy and try some new ones such as yoga. If you are new to exercise then you should start out slowly.

Each year at the beginning of the year, most gyms are busy signing up new members as they want to lose weight. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can pick somewhere outside and do your exercises there.

Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa on Pexels.com

The aim of the challenge is to not lose weight, but to be healthy and happier you. Exercise makes you happy as it increases your serotonin (the feel good hormone)

I did the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this. In fact most weeks I did 150-300 mins of intense activity such as running and other days I was happy with strength. At that time I did my initial two days of training for RPM which I hope to be able to film classes in my gym and then put them up online for you to see and try. And then you can do this from your own home and I get a small portion of the money. You can do my classes no matter where you are in the world.

I also did my runs too at this time and they were awesome. They felt good most of the time with the exception of when I got my period.

Do try and do the 30-31 days of Fitness. It is awesome and you can start small. I.e 20 mins a day and then build from there. Just see how you go.

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