Health roadblocks and how to address them

We all have roadblocks with our health. But how do we go about addressing them? It can be things like oh I’ve broken my leg over the weekend, how do I go about exercise? Maybe you could do some upper arm exercises.

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Right now for most people it is the Covid19. Most people are already stressed as they would have just lost their job and the gyms are now closed.

Ask for help. We all need help. For example it can be to ask the trainer how to do a new exercise.

Do sign up for a marathon or a half marathon. If you sign up for a marathon then that would mean that you would have to train for it.

Do you have a goal in mind already? How about revisiting that goal and work out where to go from there. You should set a SMART goal which is specific, measureable, achievable in the amount of time needed. It should be realistic. For example if I want to lose weight, how much time and effort do I need for this?

Put things into perspective. What worked for you and what didn’t? How can you do better next time? This is called learning. We all make mistakes along the way.

Celebrate the small wins each week. No win is too small or too big.

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