Finding the time to exercise

There is just #noexcuse for exercise, although time might be just one for busy people.

We live in a 24 hour day. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do things let alone exercise. So we need to find time to do these things. You might have a disability, chronic illness or have children to attend to. Or you might be a carer for someone.

Our workouts don’t last an hour do they? At most they are about 30-45 mins. You can do yours first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon, depending on the person that you are. But don’t leave it until too late at night where you cannot sleep. If you have a gym near where you work, why not go in there during your lunch hour. There are many group classes happening then.

Do you like to run? If so there are many running groups in your city and you might consider joining one.

If you’re not that sort of person that schedules things and remembers things easily, why not write it down or schedule some time in your dayplanner. Make sure to carve that time out and stick to it.

Or you can do some incidental exercise during your lunchbreak which can involve walking around the block. Or you can park the car a bit further away and then walk. Also if you love to ride your bike to work why not do that?

On the weekend why not make exercising a family affair where everyone comes together and all go to the park and play?

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