Why doing Veganuary is not good for us

We talk about Veganuary and why it is not good for us. The month of Veganary is promoted a lot on social media as being good, but its not necessarily good.

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a whole month of going without dairy, junk food, meat or seafood. The aim of the program is for people to lose the weight and be healthier.

Veganuary is held in January and it’s the month after Christmas. It is to educate people about being vegan and the vegan diet.

Why is going Veganism bad for you?

But going on the vegan diet might mean that you miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. That is supported by Run Jump Scrap who says it is hard to get the right nutrients in. Also plant based does not mean that it is healthy for us. Just look at the Beyond burger at Grill’d- they are full of fat.

But I don’t eat a lot of meat either. That is because we are made to not consume a lot of meat. Instead I enjoy fish and dairy and legumes as well as fruit and vegetables. A lot of people make the conscious decision to go on a plant diet and a lot of the cafes in Melbourne do vegetarian dishes. The Yogibanker says that “some fruits and vegetables are difficult to digest”.

If you have families you’ll need to cook separate meals for all of them and that can be time consuming.

There are other ways of being a vegetarian without doing the month of Veganuary. For example you could do No meat May or just become a pescatarian.


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