The South Melbourne Grocer

The South Melbourne Grocer is at South Melbourne Market.

This grocer sells most of the things that other stores cannot sell for lower prices. I love coming here for snacks and drinks. This is good as we always talk about giving food a second life and not wasting it. These days South Melbourne has a few homeless people and those that are on welfare that live there.

Here you’ll find lots of cheap bargains such as 3 for $2 and vice versa. Most of the stuff there are pretty good even if its past its best before date. Sometimes they have 4 for $5 or $2.

They sell a wide variety of imported goods such as tuna and some imported biscuits and chips and chocolate.

The owner is pretty friendly. He is a pleasure to talk to and is always up for a friendly chat.

Do drop by if you want a bargain and are keen to support the Love Food Hate Waste campaign


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I love being healthy and love helping those that want to do so.

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