So now you’ve joined a gym, now what

Are you that new member that wants to lose weight?

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So what do I do in the first few days?

I would join some of the group fitness classes such as athletic and RPM and find what works for you. Everyone is different. Some of us are for performance. And some of us are for weight loss

At the start the staff will ask you what your goals are and they will aim to work with you on those. Hiring a personal trainer is expensive hence they will offer free sessions for new members. Take advantage of them and learn the ropes.

Start simple and don’t do anything too hard. Kettle bells are quite hard for newcomers. Start off with walking lunges and simple weights and group exercises. And then build from there.


One being having people that don’t support your exercise habit. You can always make new friends at the gym

Going it alone can be hard. That’s why its best to go with friends. But if you’re going it alone you can make friends at the gym

Eating and drinking habits

Just change one small thing at a time. Gradually add more water into your diet and change up your meals.

Just remember that not one person is the same. We all are different people and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

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