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We write about why it’s important to know your stats. Some of your stats comes from Google Analytics. But other stats are on your blog or website itself. You can install the code on to your website for easy tracking.

Signing up to Google Analytics is easy. All it needs is a Gmail account or a Google account and that is free to sign up

The metrics

Knowing the metrics is important

You would want to know where your website traffic is coming from. Is it from Google, social media or other search engines.

You would want to know as you’d want to know where your audience is coming from. You would want to know what time zone they are in as you don’t want to publish posts at the wrong time and then they are not at the top of someone’s bucket list. You can also see which days that most people visited the site and then you can publish on those days.

You want know the average time that a user took to view your site. Was it slow or fast? First good impressions of your site matters.

You’d also want to know what they searched for what posts they looked at so that you know what to write. You’d want to write tailored content to suit your audience.

You can see how many new users you had in a month or a in year. This is important for businesses that are doing online activity such as sales and marketing. The number of return visits is important as it equals happy customers. How long do you retain users? Is it for more than one week? If so that means that you are doing really well.

You should also know how they searched whether it was by mobile or desktop as they can be an important clue as to how to present your posts and site. Is it mobile/iPad friendly?

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