This is a cheap supermarket chain which is all over Melbourne and Australia. Hailed from Germany this is not a self service supermarket. This is good as it gives people a job.

These supermarkets are huge and they also have homewares and clothing as well as food. One time I bought a coffee machine from there for $89 and it worked just fine. It turned out stellar Nespresso coffees.

They have everything there at cheap prices.

Instead what you’ll find is 7 day shopping specials for $2-$8. Their specials change every week. Now the specials changes but this week I bought strawberries for $2 and bread for $0.85. They have olives for $1.99.

I also bought toothpaste at Aldi for $1.99. The toothpaste is just any other toothpaste, except the big brands are about $3-$5 at Coles and Woolworths.

I also bought water and Powerade for under $2. And they were about 600mls. Normally at Coles and Woolworths they are $2-$3 for just the one bottle. I bought nuts from Aldi for $0.99 and they tasted great. The nuts at the normal supermarkets are about $2-$4

They also have great wine at cheap prices. Normally at BWS wines are about $10-$200.

Do go to Aldi for your shopping needs.

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