The Do better Cycling challenge

I signed up for this Do better challenge as part of my New years resolution. Anyone can join and its about $30-$80 USD. We are always looking to go one better. Each day I got an email from the group organiser really pushing me to give it a go. We always need that push to give exercise a go or otherwise we will never do it and become sedentary.

I signed up for the January challenge. I hope to get 60 miles done. You can do it on the Zwift, Indoor riding or outdoor riding. In Australian terms it works out to be 96km on the bike which is over a half Ironman distance.

I got this idea from Keep it simple. I did it on the indoor spin bike at my gym where there no photos allowed. Here I got 70km done. That Friday I was feeling fatigued so did not do much then. But I tried. The few days before that I was feeling energetic.

If I was to do it next time I’d make sure that I do when I’m feeling more energetic, ie right in my luteal phase.

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