What does your poo look like

Its important to know what your poo looks like as this can determine the state of your health. When you go to the toilet and after you finish, turn around and have a look at your poo before you flush the toilet. Is your poo hard and lumpy or is it soft and smooth? Is your poo brown or yellow?

What should normal poo look like?

It should be brown and smooth. It should not be lumpy. It should be easy to come out (it should really take a minute). If it is longer than 15 minutes you might have constipation. Constipation is when a person has less than three bowel movements a week

How many times a week are you pooing?

If its everyday or every other day then that’s good. But if it’s 2-3 days or more apart than that’s bad. It would mean that you may need to have a bit more fiber and water to help regulate bowel movements.

What if my poo is yellow and hard?

If its yellow all the time it would mean that there would be excess fat in the stool. Now this can come from eating too many processed foods. Or it can be celiac disease. You should see your doctor about this.

That means that you might need to have more fiber to flush out the excess waste. Also more water is ideal. Ideally we should be aiming for 12-16 glasses a day to keep our bowels healthy. On top of that we should have 31g of fiber daily.

Translation of that amount of fiber: two servings of fruit and five of vegetables as well as a handful of linseeds and chia will do the trick.

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