Our December Stats

This December was a bit quiet on the WordPress front. Here people were thinking about Christmas and the stress of it all.

The bushfire season in NSW and Qld had hit home for many and some people donated via various means. Also homelessness was a huge issue around about this time.

Some people were also a bit stressed about eating and exercising over Christmas. For us its all about having fun. One post that got 5 likes was the WordPress Business plan which suggests that people are thinking about starting a online business in the new year.

On our Twitter front there was not much going for it. A few tweets were liked and retweeted but that was it.

Our Instagram saw us lose about 20 followers but that is because we changed our perspective on health to focus on the non diet culture and doing gym and running just because it keeps us happy. Not for weight loss. So that saw some people bugger off. The one where I had 35C got 6 likes. The cheese toastie post got 7 likes as people love to eat healthy. The calm before the storm got 23 views. The golf one at Crown got 20 views.

Some of my photos got zero likes especially the hydration ones. Hopefully in January we would love to see lots more likes and love on Instagram. We would love to see a huge change in ditching diets and exercise just for weight loss but for health.

We would love to see people donating to the bushfire emergency and we might also do so as well.

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