How to lose weight the healthy way.

This is just a simple way of losing weight the right way without dieting

Is your New years resolution to lose some weight? Well here’s how!

And no you should not starve yourself. Rather you should eat more proteins such as your Herbalife protein shakes (or other protein shakes and bars), eggs, meats, fish and dairy. And soy. It’s about just about eating less calories. You should aim to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. You should aim to have about 350 calories per meal and 100-150 calories per snack in between.

AND NO: DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. Because if you do your metabolism slows right down.

Always skip the sauces when you go out. ┬áSauces depending on which one is there is about 50-100 calories per teaspoon. Alcoholic drinks have about 95 calories and you’ll most likely go for the nibbles. If you can try and have gluten free foods as they are the healthier option for you. If you drink a glass of alcohol then do have a liter of water as alcohol dehydrates you.

Drink loads and loads of water. For every 25 kg you should have about one litre of water. And if water is not your friend then I suggest putting it with some fruits or tea or some Magnesium tablets that you can get from Chemist Warehouse.


Exercise is your friend. As humans we should aim to get about 30-90 mins of exercise per day. Whether that would be walking the dog or walking to the station which is further away from you, anything will do. It depends on the person and what they would like to do. And we should aim to get about 150-300 mins of vigorous activity each week

Just allow enough time to move about.

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